About Tangentia

Tangentia built a FreshBooks integration engine that enables FreshBooks users to send EDI-compliant invoices (EDI 810) to their enterprise-level customers such as Walmart, Loblaws, Costco, Hudson’s Bay, Canadian Tire, BestBuy and 2000+ others

How it Works With FreshBooks 

Our app connects with FreshBooks via web services, enabling FreshBooks users to send EDI-compliant invoices to their enterprise-level clients in real-time and seamlessly. There will be no change in their existing invoicing process in FreshBooks. Upon posting an invoice that is meant to be sent to an enterprise-level customer of theirs in FreshBooks, Tangentia automatically pulls the invoice from FreshBooks, translates it into an EDI 810 (EDI invoice) and sends it to the intended recipient via EDI.

How To Get Started

You must have a paid Tangentia account to use this integration. 

Steps to Connect: 

Each setup will require one-time development work for each client as our app requires web services integration. Once set up, connection will be automatic and no need for users to manually trigger the connection each time they need to send an invoice to an enterprise-level customer that requires EDI invoices. 

Please call Tangentia using the number on the right if you are interested in using this integration.