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Hurdlr app tracks all of your FreshBooks payments, expenses, and tax deductions in real-time, on the go — saving you valuable time and maximizing your profit.

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About Hurdlr

Hurdlr “Profit and Taxes” pulls in all your income and expenses from FreshBooks, and automatically gives you real-time tax estimates.

TRUE PROFIT See your True Profit, in real-time You get your earnings via FreshBooks, and you may track your expenses “Profit & Taxes” combines those and brings taxes into the equation Earnings – Expenses – Taxes = True Profit

TAX DEDUCTIONS Expenses -If you track expenses in FreshBooks, “Profit & Taxes” automatically pulls your expenses -If you don’t track your expenses in FreshBooks, “Profit & Taxes” let’s you sync your credit card -Auto-categorizes your expenses -Add receipts using your phone’s camera Mileage -Automatically tracks your mileage

TAX ESTIMATES Real-time quarterly and annual tax estimates, with zero work from you Federal, State, and Self-employment Taxes *With two taps on your phone, you can email your accountant a Tax Report

NOTIFICATIONS *Real-time notifications every time you are paid or any time your credit/debit card is charged

FULL FINANCIAL REPORTS Profit & Loss Expense Reports Balance Sheet Trial Balance *Tax Report

How To Get Started

  1. Download “Profit & Taxes for FreshBooks” from the App Store or Google Play
  2. The first screen will ask you to log in with your FreshBooks credentials
  3. Simply log in, and you’re good to go!



USA only
Mobile app: iOS and Android only



Need Help?

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