About Avalara Trustfile

For many FreshBooks users, filing sales tax returns is challenging business. By syncing your sales tax data with TrustFile, you’ll be on your way to prepare and file your sales tax returns faster than ever before.

How it works with FreshBooks

Just sync your FreshBooks account with TrustFile using our dedicated connector and we’ll generate a sales tax report so you can review the states in which you are collecting sales tax and file your tax returns.

How To Get Started

Steps to connect:

  1. Create a free 30 day trial TrustFile account using your primary email address.
  2. Enter your basic company information.
  3. Select the FreshBooks connector to sync your data.
  4. You’ll be prompted to enter your FreshBooks subdomain and account credentials.
  5. Select the date that you want TrustFile to pull sales tax data. Going forward, data will automatically sync every 5 minutes.
  6. Review and submit your state sales tax returns.