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Updates to recurring billing

by Sunir on February 11/2009

We made some big updates to recurring billing in today’s release that will make life much easier for many of you. If you’re running a subscription-based billing service on top of FreshBooks, please take note:

Recurring invoices now default to auto-bill

We have changed the default so that recurring invoices automatically bill client credit cards for future invoices, rather than asking the client if they’d like this. We feel this fits better with everyone’s expectations of what should happen. You should expect less confusion around customers needing to enter credit cards multiple times. Note that you will need to purchase enough auto-bills in your system.

Recurring profiles starting today will invoice immediately.

Previously, you could only create recurring profiles starting on a future date. Now, if you create a recurring profile with today’s date, an invoice will be created and sent immediately. The response XML includes the created invoice_id.

This means you can set up a recurring profile immediately at the time of initial purchase, and then immediately redirect your customer to pay the invoice. This should dramatically speed up the time it takes for you get paid, as well as lower attrition rates on payment.

Hopefully these changes will really help your business. Let us know how it goes!


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