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Twilio + FreshBooks Contest

by Jamaal Montasser on May 30/2011

What’s this contest all about?

For this developer’s contest, we want to see what creative ways of using FreshBooks and API you can come up with! 

The winner of the contest will win an iPad along with several other FreshBooks and Twilio goodies! There will also be an opportunity to potentially be featured in the FreshBooks add-ons store where you an share your creation with FreshBooks’ 2.5 million users.

Twilio provides a cloud API for voice and SMS communications that leverages existing web development skills, resources and infrastructure. Twilio lets you build powerful, scalable and reliable apps that use SMS and voice communication.

The FreshBooks API gives developers access to much of the functionality in the FreshBooks app via our language-agnostic platform for online billing. We’d love to see what kind of fun and interesting tools people can build on the FreshBooks platform.

Entries must be by 11:59 PM PT on June 19th.

The Grand Prize:

1) 16GB

2) $100 FreshBooks credit

3) $100 Twilio credit

4) FreshBooks and Twilio swag

How to get involved

1) You will need to sign up for a Twilio and FreshBooks account


3) Hack and invent!

4) by 11:59PM PT on June 19th

Submissions to the contest can be . If you need any help with the FreshBooks API, please don’t hesitate to ask a question in the or email [email protected]. If you have any questions about Twilio, stop by their or drop them a line at [email protected].

Good luck!