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Time Entry Lines with the API

by Shey Sewani on April 28/2010

I’m happy to announce that we’ve added the ability to create time entry lines to the FreshBooks API. You can now supply an optional type element with the value ‘Time’ inside the line element to create invoice lines that have Hours/Rate invoice headings.


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>


Yard Work
Mowed the lawn.

To retain the default behavior you can omit the type element in the create method and the line’s type will default to ‘Item’ or you can supply the type element with the value ‘Item’.

The Type element is available on the invoice, estimate and recurring API, and while it’s a small change, having the API be more consistent with the application should help make FreshBooks more useful for everyone. As always, you can get the full documentation on our API documentation pages.

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