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The TechTalksTO Award!

by coe on January 20/2012

Shey & Jason & the TechTalksTO Shield

 is a series of technical presentations here in Toronto. Throughout 2011 they brought us folks from Mozilla, Twitter, and other cool places around the internets. They even put on a fantastic all-day event at the not-too-classy-but-so-cool Toronto Underground Cinema, featuring speakers from Disqus, Github, OpsCode, and more. It was a fantastic event. We had dumplings!

Well, not everyone knows that TechTalksTO is the brainchild of two FreshBooks developers: Shey and Jason. They organized this whole thing, found every speaker and arrange every event. They worked their hearts out producing a series of valuable talks for the Toronto technology community. At FreshBooks we are super inspired by their example. Shey and Jason are both great developers, and great team leads, but clearly they had something more to offer than producing great software — they wanted to help build a community of great software development practice right here in Toronto.

We couldn’t be prouder of them. So we gave them a shield. It’ll come in handy during a zombie apocalypse, we figure, and blue goes with everything, right?