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The Role of the Quality Assurance Professional in iOS Development

by Craig Wilson on May 28/2013

Are you an independent iOS developer, looking to improve the quality of your applications? Even if you don’t have the budget to add a dedicated software testing professional, there are measures anyone can take to test more intelligently and efficiently. FreshBooks QA Analyst Craig Wilson recently sat down with iOS Developer and author on the podcast to discuss the criteria FreshBooks uses to evaluate iOS testing tools and what conclusions they’ve reached so far, along with the “see how badly you can break it” mindset to have when testing any type of application.

Other highlights include:

  • FreshBooks’ experience with iOS automated testing tools, including Apple’s own “Instruments” developer tool, and Square’s .
  • The philosophies and mindsets behind automated and manual testing.
  • What types of tests are suitable to be automated.

Have a listen and let Craig and Ash know what you think!

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