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TechTalksTO: Ali Asaria

by jesse on October 22/2010

I’m excited to announce that everything is set for our next instalment of TechTalksTO and it is going to be a great one. Next up we have Ali Asaria, CEO of . Ali will present “How to Develop at a Startup: The Detailed Development Philosophy and Architecture of’s Technology”.

This will be a technical talk that covers:

  • Agile cycles and the software the allows it
  • Architecture of and the philosophy behind it
  • Data visualization and tools to use

He’ll go into detail about how they deploy their software, do A/B testing and visualize their data. This is a talk that no engineer developing software for the web should miss.

We’re going to continue with the same format as before which includes some time before the talk to meet Ali, and some time after to drink beer and hang out some more.

You can signup for the talk . Look forward to seeing you there!