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Dev Blog

Songs In Code Contest

by Anton Nguyen on August 18/2011

A Michael Jackson song came up on my iPod one day while I was writing unit tests. As I listened to him croning on and on about how “Billie Jean” was not his lover, I thought to myself, “why doesn’t he just write a unit test and assert this fact once and for all?”

This idea reminded me of a twitter meme a few years back (), that was very entertaining. I wanted to give it try with other songs, so I gathered my fellow and we started codifying our favourite songs.


We want to see what creative ways you can turn your favourite songs into code! Email your entries to [email protected] and we’ll award our favourite “Codified Song” with a $100 Gift Certificate for Amazon to buy you’ve been eyeing!

Send in your entries by 6:00 PM ET on August 23nd and the winner will be announced soon after!

Our Take on Songs in Code

Michael Jackson - Billie Jean

assertFalse(self.lover == "Billie Jean");

Hall & Oates - Kiss on My List

best_things_in_life = ['your kiss']

Splendau Ballet - True


The Lonely Island feat. Akon - I Just Had Sex

function is_valid($action) {
   switch($action) {
      case "she kept looking at her watch":
      return true;
      case "but I cried the whole time":
      return true;
      case "I think she might of been a racist":
      return true;
      case "she put a bag on my head":
      return true;
   return false;

Justin Bieber - Never Say Never

void say(string word) {
   if (word != "never") {

Bruno Mars - Grenade

try {
} catch {
function get_all_love() {
   throw new Exception("grenade");

Willow Smith - Whip My Hair

while ( {

Drake - Forever

SELECT FROM song s JOIN artist a ON s.artistid = a.artistid WHERE a.lname = "ever" AND a.fname = "greatest";

Kiss - Detroit Rock City

$detroit = new City("Rock");

Starship - Built This City

class City extends RockNRoll {}

Hall and Oates - Make My Dreams Come True

~/$ make dreams-come-true

Jackson 5 - Blame it on the boogie

git blame foot_control.c
0fcfd160 (The Boogie 1978-10-23 13:04:43 -0700 1) #include "funk.h"

Barenaked Ladies - Million Dollars

if (self.bank_account.totalBalance() == 1000000)):
   return buyFurCoat()
def buyFurCoat():
   // That's cruel!
   return notRealFurCoat()

LMFAO - Party Rock Anthem

~/$ cat anthem
45 18 * * * shuffle

Creedence Clearwater Revival: Bad Moon Rising

   .see([earthquake, earthquake, lightning])
   .see(new Date('25:00:00'))

U2 - With or Without you

return concat(("with" || "without"), "you");

A Flock of Seagulls - I Ran

while(night() && day()){

Dead or Alive - You Spin Me Round

assertLike(record, baby.spin(me.right_round()))

Madonna - Like a Virgin

~/$ ls -a
. ..
~/$ touch virgin

Beastie Boys - Right to Party

if(!self.fight){ = False;

Eminem - Lose yourself

self.private = {
   palms: sweaty,
   knees: weak,
   arms: heavy,
   sweater: { vomit: spaghetti},
   nervous: True
self.public = {
   calm: True,
   ready: True

Rebecca Black - Friday

$days = array('yesterday' => 'Thursday', 'today' => 'Friday', 'tomorrow' => 'Saturday', 'afterwards' => 'Sunday');