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Run your billing through the FreshBooks API!

by Sunir on March 1/2010

With our latest changes, it’s now possible to run your web application or subscription service billing on FreshBooks through our API!

Now that you can accept credit cards through the FreshBooks API and keep in sync real-time with FreshBooks Webhooks, FreshBooks is a very powerful billing engine that can manage a large number of billing cases.

You can charge your customers once or on a recurring basis. You can rack up charges over a period of time. You can even be instantly notified when a customer pays or when they go in arrears. And you can do all of this on FreshBooks’ well-tested and well-loved billing engine that has had over 1.25 million users on it since May, 2004.

To learn how to get started using FreshBooks to run your application’s or service’s billing, visit for a list of use cases and recommended solutions.

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