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Making Widgets with jQuery

by Taavi on May 1/2008

You may have noticed that we recently released the FreshBooks Time Tracker widget. What you may not have noticed beneath its shiny exterior, is this fantastic helper library called . Here are some excellent reasons for using it…


While the FreshBooks widget is currently only for OSX’s Dashboard, a lot of the HTML element access and glitzy fades are pure jQuery, and should be portable to other widget facilities, and the FreshBooks website itself. It’s also nice to be able to use the same skills in widget creation as webpage creation.


The $() construct is much, much more powerful than it at first appears. Take a closer look at the full power of to see what I mean. And the skills you learn are re-usable, since jQuery implements CSS3-style selectors. When browsers get around to fully supporting them, you’ll already be at home. In addition, jQuery also makes dealing with XML (as returned by the FreshBooks API) and Ajax in general a whole lot easier!


jQuery also leads to shorter, more concise JavaScript. $(”#submit”) is so much easier to type than document.getElementById(“submit”), and infinitely more flexible when you want to, say, operate on all of the images in a page with $(“img”). You “chain” together various jQuery commands, such as and simply by applying them to the returned “wrapped set”, like $(“img”).css(‘opacity’,0.5).

Peer Pressure

Apparently I’m not the only one who thought this would be a good idea. I just recently noticed an awesome widget which also includes jQuery. Perhaps the idea is catching on…