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Keep in sync with FreshBooks Webhooks

by paul on February 23/2010

Today, we’re happy to announce that FreshBooks now makes it extremely easy for your application to stay in sync with FreshBooks with real-time event notifications using using . Webhooks are user-configurable HTTP callbacks that you can register for specific types of events that originate in your FreshBooks system. You can read all about it on our Webhooks documentation.

What can you use Webhooks for? One use case is to keep data in sync with FreshBooks add-ons in real time, without the need for constant polling. This is a huge win for our existing and future integration partners and will allow them to offer a more responsive, real-time experience for their users.

We’re looking forward to a new class of real-time notification Add-Ons. Send yourself an SMS text message when you get paid, or update Twitter when you track time, send a "Thank You" email to a client when they pay.

They can also be used to extend existing functionality in FreshBooks with applications that you write yourself. For example, when a client accepts an estimate you’ve sent them, you can have a program use the FreshBooks API to automatically create and send them an invoice based on that estimate. Or a web application that uses FreshBooks to manage its billing can activate a client’s account the second the client pays.

This is a big week for FreshBooks API users! This post is 1 of 3 on new goodies we’re providing with the latest release. Next, we’ll describe how credit cards are now accepted through the API. We’ll finish off by describing how to manage your application’s or service’s billing through the FreshBooks API.