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Dev Blog

Introducing Mike

by mikeg on September 25/2008

Allo Freshies!  My name is Mike (no, not McDerment), and I’ll be one of your API developers.  I say “one of your API developers” as we have a whole team now (there are two of us).  So be prepared for updates big and small.

Since I’m the second Mike in the office, I’ve been barraged with nicknames since I joined up.  Because my last name is Gauthier, there are a few variations I will respond to.  Mikey G or MG would work.  G-man?  Michael?  Embarrassing.  But since Mike McDerment doesn’t really post on the Developers blog, I can hope and dream of being just ‘Mike’ again.  We can keep that between us.

From here on in, we intend to post more frequently than we have.  Our last blog post was in June, and that’s just not cool.  Also, please feel free to get in touch with us via the developer forum.  My teammate Dan (introduction forthcoming) and I will be actively monitoring our community and addressing developments and concerns both here and there.