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FreshBooks now supports OAuth

by Sunir on September 10/2009

FreshBooks OAuth authorization page

FreshBooks now supports OAuth to make it easier to build and manage its third-party addons.

Today, we’re proud to announce that we now support , an increasingly popular open protocol for secure API authorization. OAuth is used by such as Google Docs, Netflix, and Twitter, and we’re glad to join the club!

Over the past year, FreshBooks has grown a large collection of third-party add-ons. Supporting OAuth will make it easier for customers to manage third party add-ons’ access to their FreshBooks data. Add-ons that support OAuth will no longer require customers to search for and then copy and paste their FreshBooks authentication token, which will be a huge relief to customers and third party integrations alike.

More importantly, instead of sharing one authentication token with all third-party add-ons, OAuth creates a separate relationship for each add-on uniquely, all behind the scenes. That means customers will be able to turn on and off access to each separate add-on without affecting any others. This gives customers important control over who has access to their data, and when.

We strongly recommend all third-party add-ons use OAuth for secure authorization since we may eventually require it for all future add-ons.

For more information about OAuth you can read the available at the site as well as the FreshBooks OAuth documentation. Also, stay tuned to the Developer Blog for all future updates about OAuth and the FreshBooks API.