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Expenses and Staff APIs are released!

by mikeg on December 3/2008

At long last, I present to you, the people (the Freshies), the Expenses API!

<suitably long pause for applause… keep going I can wait.>

Notes on the Expenses API

We’re releasing the Expenses API in two phases. This phase contains the core Expenses data. The next phase will include Expense Categories. That will be out Very Soon(tm). (famous last words)

Expenses are also dependent on staff and client associations; so, in the expenses response, we’ve provided a staff_id and a client_id. You can use the Clients API to acquire client details, and the new Staff API to acquire staff details.

Notes on the Staff API

We’re also releasing the Staff API in phases. For now, the Staff API only has the staff.get and staff.list commands. That should be enough to make the Expenses API useable.

Please note that staff_id 1 is the administrative account.