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Dev Blog

Expense categories added!

by mikeg on December 17/2008

Well that makes sense now. Now the little <category_id> on expense operations means something. With the introduction of Expense Categories to the API, you now have the flexibility to manipulate them freely.  This includes any taxes that may apply.

The taxation mechanism is flexible to your requirements, but it’s also a relationship that you are required to maintain.  <tax1> and <tax2> can be used to track your own tax ID against chosen categories, and then calculated and displayed on the individual expense via <tax1_name>, <tax1_percent> and <tax1amount>.  Three more fields for <tax2 now appear on expense.get operations as well, and match the preceeding format.

These changes have been reflected in the Expenses API documentation, and a new link for categories has been added.  Please feel free to discuss or ask questions in the forum.