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Brian Shaffer Wins Twilio/FreshBooks Contest

by Jamaal Montasser on June 29/2011

Twilio and FreshBooks recently held a contest. The purpose of the contest was to see what the developer community could build with the and FreshBooks API. There were a total of 13 entries with some impressive creations all competing for an iPad 2, $100 in FreshBooks and Twilio credit alongside some sweet swag.

There were some awesome entries including an application that automatically calls your FreshBooks clients with overdue invoices, reminding them to pay. Another entrant created a live translation tool using !

The winning contest entry is from . His tool makes it easy for remote workers to log their hours in their FreshBooks account.

Brian built his application using PHP, MySQL, the FreshBooks API and Twilio Voice API. Althought most of his work is done at a computer, it isn’t the norm for everyone – so, he build this tool.

To use Brian’s application, you simply call it when you’d like to start timing your work and call it again when you’re done. Brian’s app takes care of logging the work in your FreshBooks account and records notes about the job.

Check out the action here: