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At Long Last: Timesheets, Estimates

by vinegar on December 20/2007

Hey everyone long time no see!

After almost three months of silence on this blog, I’m proud to announce that Timesheets (including Projects and Tasks) and Estimates have been added to the FreshBooks API, along with a slew of other features and minor tweaks. Below is a quick summary of the big ones:


Timesheets exposes three new data types – projects, tasks and time entries. Between the three of these, you’ll be able to create new time entries remotely, query for all time entries between a given date, filter down by project or task, and more.


Finally, you can interact with estimates just like their older big brother (read: invoices). You can perform basic CRUD operations, poll for estimate URLs, and send them off via e-mail.

Editable invoice and estimate numbers

As of version 4.2, invoice and estimate numbers are now editable. The API is no exception – the <number> parameter will now hold the invoice/estimate number, as opposed to to <invoice/estimate_id>.

Start and stop recurring profiles

You can now start/stop recurring profiles via the API using the <stopped> parameter. Deleting would have the same effect, but you couldn’t get the profile back – now you’re golden.