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API Updates: Project Staff, Custom Emails and payment.delete

by paul on October 23/2009

On Wednesday we released some pretty exciting updates to our API and wanted to make sure you were aware of them.

Project Results

If you are an administrator or a staff member who is assigned as a project manager to a project, project.get and project.list methods now return the ids of users who are assigned to that project. Up until now it was impossible to determine if a user was assigned to a project when listing them. Because of this, our OS X time tracker for instance would list all projects that a user could see, not just the ones that they were assigned to. If the user clicked on “Submit” after selecting a project that they weren’t assigned to, they would get an error because you can’t track time to a project you aren’t assigned to. What a headache! See the updated documentation for details.

Custom Emails

You can now send custom email messages with invoice.sendByEmail and estimate.sendByEmail. Just include both a subject and a message element in your request. You can use any of the variables that are available when customizing messages within FreshBooks (i.e. ::invoice link::, ::payment amount::, ::estimate link::). See examples on the invoice and estimate documentation pages.

Delete Payments

We’ve added a payment.delete method. This will allow you to permanently delete payments. If the payment being deleted was made against an invoice, the status of the invoice will be updated. Check out the documentation.

So there you go, three great new features!

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