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API Changes for August 2007

by vinegar on August 29/2007

Version 4.0 of FreshBooks is here, and along with it comes a number of changes/additions to the FreshBooks API.

Recurring Profiles

It’s been a long time coming – you can finally create and manage recurring profiles via the API.

Bigger Search Results

You can now pull up to 100 records from an individual list request, using a per_page value of 100. If left unsupplied, per_page will default to 25.

New Filters

You can now retrieve any invoices generated from a recurring profile using the invoice.list method.

Furthermore, invoice.list will now let you filter search results by status – i.e. ‘draft’, ‘paid’ and so on.

Misc Bug Fixes

If you create a new client via the API, and supply that client’s username and password, they won’t be prompted again for their account details after they’ve logged in. This should help FreshBooks users who are trying to synchronize client account data.