Partners to Help You Triumph at Tax Season

March 21, 2018

How do you keep cool when tax season is coming in hot? Consider adding a handy app to your FreshBooks arsenal.

From invoicing to capturing expenses on-the-go, as a FreshBooks customer you’ve mastered the basics of entrepreneur life. But that doesn’t make it challenge-free, right?


As a small business owner, you need a Swiss Army knife of tools at your disposal. And at no time do you feel that more than at tax time — aka the most stressful time of year for business owners.

We’re here to help. Did you know that FreshBooks integrates seamlessly with tons of other apps? Apps that not only make you more productive, but also take that accounting load off your shoulders.

In fact, these partners could be your secret weapon to a make or break tax time. So, take a minute to explore, because sometimes, everyone needs a helping hand:

1. Take a Seat: Meet Bench Bookkeeping

Recording financial transactions is about as exciting as… well, recording financial transactions. And when the paint, I mean ink, dries, there’s still so much left to do.

Enter Bench.

Not only do the fine folks at Bench offer affordable and custom bookkeeping services, FreshBooks customers score 20% off their first 6 months. Pretty sweet.

Take them up on their offer so you and your accountant can forget about pesky admin chores and instead spend time on what matters most at tax time: financial forecasting.

2. Leap into Easy Street: Here’s Hurdlr

Not quite sure about your mileage, how much you’re spending or the amount you need to set aside for taxes? Stop guessing, put down those scraps of paper and try Hurdlr.

In real-time you can see exactly where your money’s going. Seriously – if you take a client for coffee, drive to a jobsite and then check on tax deductions, you’ll be able to review updates instantly.

Plus, on average, users find over $5,600 in tax deductions! That’s like the cost of a really great vacation.

3. Sales Tax Simplified: Avoid Headaches with Avalara

You play it by the (Fresh)Books: Capturing expenses, tracking projects and checking your P&L report regularly.

But you still have to file sales tax. Try syncing your data with Avalara instead. It automatically streamlines everything so you’ll be on your way to prepare and file your sales tax returns faster than ever before.

4. Taxes on Autopilot: Try Track

If tax time scares you, the tax man is stuff of nightmares and you’d do anything to keep them off your back.

Give Track a spin. It integrates with your FreshBooks account and automatically helps you:

• Always know what you owe and have enough set aside for taxes
• Avoid penalties by having your tax paperwork and payment submitted for you before the deadline
• Turn expenses you capture in FreshBooks into actual tax deductions to reduce what you owe
• Includes free Federal and State annual tax return filing


With this busywork taken care of, you can use your valuable time for… anything else.

In Conclusion

To beat tax time, FreshBooks might be the ace up your sleeve, but it’s definitely worth exploring the other options in your hand. These apps are just a handful of integrations that FreshBooks has to make running your business even easier.

Don’t see what you need? If you have an idea for an app integration, you can suggest one here.

And remember that this season doesn’t have to be scary! Promise. You have all the right tools at your fingertips. Just think: once you’ve filed, you’ll be a pro for next year.

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