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Which web browsers can I use with FreshBooks?

FreshBooks makes it possible to access your account anywhere on the web. For the best possible experience, whether you’re a Business Owner, Client, Business Partner, or Employee, ensure your browser is up to date, or at least meets the minimum versions required below:

  • Chrome - 2 most recent versions
  • Firefox - 2 most recent versions
  • Internet Explorer - version 11+
  • Microsoft Edge - most recent
  • Opera - version 51+
  • Safari - 2 most recent versions
  • Mobile Safari - iOS 6+
  • Mobile Chrome - Chrome For Android 30+

To update your browser, or to see if any new updates are available, click below on the browser of your choice for the steps:

For API users, the latest supported TLS version is 1.2. If you are using a version below 1.2, you will need to update it. For any questions on updating your API TLS connection, please [email protected]