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What are Addons/Integrations and how can I use them?

While FreshBooks helps with some of your business needs like Invoicing, Expenses and Time Tracking, perhaps you need something else… something that would help your business become even more efficient. Looking for a better way to track mileage? Smoother payroll functionality? Sending your clients beautiful emails?

With FreshBooks Add-Ons, you can connect your account with your favorite apps, which means that your business will run faster and easier – yay! To discover FreshBooks’ integrations, visit the Add-On page.

While there are hundreds of potential integrations, the Add-On page covers a handful. Consider using a tool like , then your possibilities are endless!

Here are examples of the categories of Add-Ons that FreshBooks offers:

Customer Management
Need help managing your lists? How about ensuring your client engagement is as high as possible? These apps will help you out.

Customer Support
Want to provide stellar support to your Clients? We integrate with apps like these that will turn you into your clients’ support extraordinaire.

Expense Tracking
Want help with receipt storage? Daydream about an easy way to track mileage? These Expense-tracking apps were built for you.

Lead Capture
With apps like these, you can easily capture your Clients’ information and forms to create Invoices in FreshBooks. Take a look.

Marketing Add-Ons are all about finding new ways to grow and connect with your customer base. There are some amazingly powerful apps in this section, so it’s definitely worth exploring.

Online Payments
As you know, one of the many benefits of FreshBooks is helping you get paid faster. Now imagine apps that help make things even quicker! Take a look and explore integrations that can make it happen.

Do you live in North America and want to track and generate paystubs for your payroll? You’ve found the right app section to explore. We recommend checking out Gusto and Payment Evolution.

Project Management
These Add-Ons provide a collaborative environment for you, your coworkers and your Clients to work on Projects more efficiently. If you need a hand with organization, these apps will save you (many) headaches.

Proposal Design
If you want to up the ante of your proposals before sending them to Clients, explore the benefits of Bidsketch and Proposify here.

Time Tracking
While FreshBooks’ Time Tracking feature is useful, your business might benefit from something more tailored to your unique workflow. Explore these apps for more details.

These apps are designed to optimize your workflow. From requesting document signatures to scheduling your time more efficiently, it’s definitely worth taking a closer look at these handy tools.