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Study: Do Freelancers Need Business Insurance?

Over the next two years, the number of small business owners in America could triple, as a growing number of Americans plan to leave the traditional workforce and begin working for themselves.

Working for yourself comes with a number of perks. The majority of small business owners say they make more money, have better health and increased work-life balance. However, without small business insurance, owners may not realize the everyday things that make them vulnerable.

This is potentially catastrophic, as unexpected incidents can slow growth for a business or worse, force them to close.

To get a better idea of the common risks small business owners face, FreshBooks conducted a new study based on responses from more than 1,100 small business owners in America.

Here’s what they found:

Less Than Half of Small Business Owners Are Confident Their Company is Properly Insured

63% of small business owners say they’re generally aware of the risks to their business, and 60% say they have business insurance, but less than half (49%) say they’re confident that they’re properly insured.

In fact, 41% believe their personal insurance is sufficient coverage — even for business claims. However, the reality is it may not be enough.

You May Be Exposed to Business Risks If You…

  • Have a home office —  84%*
  • Use a personal vehicle for work purposes — 64%
  • Spend time on client premises — 53%
  • Keep clients sensitive/personal information — 50%
  • Have inventory/supplies — 37%
  • Have work that is publicly associated with a clients business or brand — 36%
  • Own specialized equipment — 29%
  • Have dedicated office space — 22%
  • Have employees on payroll — 20%
  • Operate commercial vehicles — 7%

*Percent of small business owners affected

What’s the Real Cost of Coverage?

Over half of small business owners say they spend less than $1,000 annually on insurance, and just under a quarter say they spend more than $2,000 annually on insurance.

Small Business Owners Are At Risk Of Being Hacked

, yet 42% of small business owners admit they don’t know what cyber liability insurance is.

Carly Moulton

[email protected]

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