About Skyvia

Integrate FreshBooks with Salesforce, QuickBooks Online, MailChimp, SugarCRM, Magento, Shopify, Freshdesk, Google Contacts, SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, and many other data sources.

In addition to an integration solution, Skyvia provides cloud backup tool, online SQL client, and OData service for FreshBooks.

How it works with FreshBooks

  • Load data from or to FreshBooks from other data source via an import package. You can also automate routine tasks, like adding new FreshBooks clients to Google Contacts or to a MailChimp mailing list, with trigger-action-like integration using an import package.
  • Synchronize FreshBooks with other cloud apps and databases in both directions via a synchronization package.
  • Create a copy of FreshBooks data in a database or cloud data warehouse and keep it up-to-date automatically with a replication package.
  • Export FreshBooks data to CSV files with an export package.

Skyvia has some predefined integration packages for most common use cases:

  • Create/Update Google Contact from FreshBooks Client
  • Create/Update MailChimp Subscriber from FreshBooks Client

In addition to data integration, you can do the following with Skyvia:

  • Back up FreshBooks data automatically on a daily basis, restore them in just a few clicks into original or another FreshBooks account. Data can be exported to CSV, viewed in browser, searched, etc. You can even compare backups for different dates, view and undo differences.
  • Build custom reports over FreshBooks data. Query FreshBooks data with a visual query builder or with SQL and visualize them as grid or charts. Share FreshBooks data securely via Google Docs with our Google Sheets add-on.
  • Get OData server for your FreshBooks data and share them as an OData feed. Connect FreshBooks to a number of BI and other tools with support for OData protocol.

How To Get Started

Steps to connect:

  1. Create a free account with Skyvia.
  2. Create a FreshBooks connection on Skyvia.
  3. Create an integration package for FreshBooks or a backup package or OData endpoint or query your FreshBooks data with our Query tool.