About Revamp CRM

FreshBooks integration in Revamp CRM will help you to easily track and manage payments, invoices & history


  • FREE CRM for small business with unlimited s & deals
  • Know your customers better via an unmatched 360 view.
  • Close more B2B deals with the start-of-the-art visual pipeline.
  • Nurture leads with timely relevant messages using intuitive and adaptive segmentation and marketing automation.
  • Automatic Sales Follow-up Reminders to help you never fall out of touch.
  • Save your time with our Email Templates and send emails from inside your CRM with one click.
  • Smart Emails feature to help you capture your conversation history in your s and deals profiles.
  • Built in ticketing and invoicing system to help you manage everything in one place.

Revamp CRM works with your Gmail

  • Works with your Gmail, add s, tasks, notes and deals without leaving your Gmail inbox.
  • Capture emails from your inbox and attach them to relevant s and deals with one click.

How To Get Started

Revamp CRM gives you the ability to synchronize your s and Invoices with your FreshBooks account.

  • We sync every 4 hours, to import your FreshBooks s, invoices and update their status.
  • If your s doesn’t exist in your Revamp CRM account, we will automatically create new s.
  • We will import all your invoices and attach them to relevant Revamp CRM profile.
  • Your invoices status will get updated according to changes in your FreshBooks account.
  • We will remind you to send an email or make a when an invoice is overdue.
  • You can use our management tools and filters to easily segment s with overdue invoice, paid invoice or any other invoicing status.

Steps to connect:

  1. Head to  to begin your trial or log into your account.
  2. In your Revamp CRM account, go to your Settings and select the Integration option
  3. Locate and click on the FreshBooks icon from the integration list
  4. A new window will open. For your web address enter: 
  5. In the Use Oauth Access? section, click to turn ON
  6. You will then be re-directed to your FreshBooks login screen.
  7. Log into your account.
  8. Allow Revamp CRM to access your account information.
  9. Adjust the optional details and click Import. All your invoices and client information will now be imported into your Revamp CRM account.