About Basecamp

Basecamp puts everything you need to get work done in one place. It’s the calm, organized way to manage projects, work with clients, and communicate company-wide.

All growing businesses run into the same fundamental problems. Hair on fire, buried under email, stuff everywhere. The good news? Basecamp solves them. Basecamp organizes your communication, projects, and client work together so you have a central source of truth.

Inside every HQ, team, and project you’ll find six core tools: To-dos for tracking work, a Message Board for posting announcements and updates, a Campfirechat room for quick casual chats with the team, a Schedule for posting deadlines and milestones, Docs & Files for organizing all the assets and notes everyone needs to do their work, and Automatic Check-ins to get insights from the team on a regular basis.

How To Get Started

What you need

  • FreshBooks account
  • Basecamp account

Download the Extension

To download the Time Tracker extension, use these steps:

  1. You can find the extension directly  (or search for FreshBooks Time Tracker in the Chrome Store)
  2. Click on the Add to Chrome button
  3. Then click on the Add extension button in the pop-up inside your Chrome browser
  4. The extension is now installed, next to the address bar (look for a leaf icon with a dot).

Set Up

  1. Once you have the Chrome Time Tracker extension downloaded, click on the extension icon in your web browser (grey leaf, red dot)
  2. Enter your login credentials in the extension and click on Log In
  3. Choose a business (if you are prompted to) to track time towards
  4. Once logged in, the extension icon should show a green leaf with a grey dot. You’re now ready to start tracking time!

Track time easily while logging tasks in your To-Do list inside your Basecamp Project.