Why Movember matters at FreshBooks

My dad was diagnosed with prostate cancer in May 2010. My family and I had never heard about this cancer nor had anyone in the family gone through this process. We learned very quickly what it was about as my dad had to go through surgery, and then radiation therapy. We joined support committees in our local city and found many other families going through the same ordeal. There was a lot of support and belief that one day there will be a cure.

In early July 2011 he got his results back and his doctor told him that it was now virtually impossible to detect. At this point, I had started working at FreshBooks for just over two months and seeing the atmosphere here, I knew I could do something about it in the office. I promised to always support the prostate cancer cause and have been championing Movember here at FreshBooks since 2011.

Each November we raise money for Movember through a series of fun activities like our silent auction, a Monte Carlo night, and various special food days—grilled cheese sandwiches, soup, pasta specials. Plus, a few of our moustache capable humans participate on our .

Here are some pics from some of our Movember fundraising events.

Grilled Cheese Day

Second Annual FreshBooks Bake Sale

Taylor’s Famous Pasta

We here at FreshBooks fight together and believe that through  we indeed can make a difference.

About the author: Fabiola Torres is an Account Manager and our fabulous Movember champion.

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