New: Improvements to Team Invites

FreshBooks has made some enhancements to your team workflow — specifically team invites — so project management is less painful.

FreshBooks makes it easy to start projects. And when the project ends, transforming your work into an invoice is smooth. But what happens between kick-off and wrap-up is the toughest part.

This new update helps you save time on pesky admin chores that come with project management. We’ve refined team invites so it now takes just a few clicks to add single people to multiple projects. Plus, FreshBooks will even pre-populate an email so you can get started on billable work right away.

Team Invites: What is It?

As an admin, you have full control over your business from FreshBooks, and that includes team permissions. With this improvement, maintaining those guardrails is even easier because you can add the right people to the right tasks, all in less time than ever before.

Ok, so when you invite someone to join you in FreshBooks, you’ll now see the option of adding that person to multiple projects. Once you’ve done some clicking, a pre-populated email appears that you can customize to your liking. Cheers, best wishes, thanks, whatever!

After the invite is out the door, you can then get started on what’s really worth the squeeze: clocking those billable hours.

How It Works

team invites

Step 1: Head to your Team page and click the arrow on the arrow. Then select either Basic Employee, Business Partner or Contractor and fill in their details. To learn more about these roles and their permissions, .

team invites

Step 2: To keep things moving quickly, a pre-populated email with an invite link will appear. Customize it if you want and then hit send.

team invites

Step 3: Now select the projects you’d like to include them on and you’re done.

Project management is an important chore that comes hand-in-hand with running a small business. But it shouldn’t be what you spend your valuable time doing. Use this new update to gain back a few minutes and still staying in control of your team permissions.

For more information on Team Invites, .

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