RoadBurn 2.0: The LA round up

Before we left on this little tour, Saul told us that “the reason everyone in LA hugs you isn’t because they like you but rather they are feeling how tender your meat is before they eat you alive.” He loves to say things like this and doesn’t realize we know they are just lines from movies.

In fact, we did get a lot of hugs from lots of amazing customers and friends during our stay in Los Angeles but unlike the movie quote, no one tried to eat us.

Our first day kicked off with a drive down to Irvine, CA for lunch and then back for dinner in LA to meet with FreshBooks customers in both places. It’s actually quite humbling that folks take us up on our invites to get together. While breaking bread, we got regaled with amazing stories about how FreshBooks has made a genuine difference in their workday. We very rarely toot our own horns due to our Canadian nature but when someone tells us they sent 40 invoices out right before their flight and had 10 invoices already paid by the time they landed we can’t do anything but #humblebrag a little. And blush.


We’ve done more than just eat with our customers, we’ve also dragged them along to see some parts of their city they rarely get to because, well, it’s probably only fun to do tourist stuff with tourists. Some of the places we visited (with customers and without) included the amazing LA institution known as (fun fact: over the years Canter’s has sold over: 10 million matzo balls), the Universal Studios City Walk, (John Belushi and Lindsay Lohan Represent), the cool characters at Venice Beach and one member of our group (who shall remain nameless) attended the taping of the Charlie Sheen Roast.

The only thing we didn’t manage to do was actually spot some celebrities despite religiously scanning the lines at Starbucks and Whole Foods.

Nonetheless our time in Los Angeles has been amazing and we left feeling excited and inspired by a city with lots of great stories to tell. Stay tuned for customer portraits of some of the awesome folks we met and for more updates from our next spot on the #: San Francisco! Check out the most uncanny fortune cookie prediction ever…

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