How to Create an Amazing Press Release [Video]

Tanya Black, senior public relations manager at Movember Canada, shares how small businesses can get media attention with a great press release.

Movember’s viral campaign has spread worldwide since its 2003 launch in Melbourne, Australia. A means of raising awareness for men’s health issues, the cause is a great example of innovation in public relations and marketing.

From identifying your story angle to defining your audience, learn from the approach Black takes at Movember Canada, including the attention-grabbing “Know Thy Nuts” campaign. Watch the video and read the complete transcription below!

Hey, guys. My name’s Tanya and I’m here to talk to you today about public relations.

Step 1: Understand Great Press Releases

A press release is probably one of the most important tools you’ll have in your toolkit.

A press release is probably one of the most important tools you’ll have in your toolkit. It’s an explanation of what it is that you do. Whether you’re holding a fashion show or you’re releasing a product, it’s more just a media alert; a way to reach the masses in one quick take.

Step 2: Identify Your Story Angle

The key thing you want to do first is come up with a really great angle. And you really want to make sure that yours sticks out. So finding an angle that’s unique or tied to a cause or trend is really important. But it’s got to set itself apart and set your company apart from thousands of other people that may be pitching on that same subject or on the same day. So, really the best type of press release is the one that gets people talking.

Step 3: Build on a Trend

A great way to get your brand name out there is to try and tie it with the trends. Look at what’s happening in the world. Whether it’s something that’s happening right now in the news, the key is to research and see what’s out there and how you can tie your brand or your company to something that exists or create a trend on your own. For example, it’s a certain awareness month—is there something you can do to support that and get your name and your brand out there.

Step 4: Define Your Audience

It’s important to research the people you’re pitching to and make sure they’re the right person. Are they interested in your industry? Are they interested in your products? Are they interested in the types of services you offer? Knowing who it is that you’re pitching to, and then looking to build a relationship with them is a great way to get noticed.

Pop in a cool fact about them or something great you read. Reference an article they wrote: “Hey, you wrote about ‘x,’ we’re talking about ‘y.’”

Step 5: Strive to Be Unique

This is a great example of innovation in public relations and marketing [catches Know Thy Nuts Soap on a Rope]. This is something we do in April for the “Know Thy Nuts” campaign. April is testicular awareness month. So, it was a cheap and incredibly cheerful way for Movember to remind guys to check themselves before they wreck themselves.

It’s soap on a rope, goes in the shower, and every day you look at it and think, “Have I checked my testicles for cancer today?” So yeah, disruptive and exciting and very simple.


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