Everyone has their favorite Oscar Awards Story…

February 28, 2011

It is always good to have one good “go-to” story that you can bring up at social events and such. Sadly, our best story only really works at Oscar Parties. You see our go-to story is all about how the process of making movies is the basis of the Freelancer Movement. Think about it. A team of contracted workers are brought together for a set time to create a final project.

Just because it is our go-to story doesn’t mean it is that interesting…what is interesting is that we were doing some QA on our snail mail invoices and we found two peculiar invoices that loosely tie into what this blog post is all about.

Mark Zuckerberg invoice to Winklevoss Twins

An invoice for Mark Zuckerberg’s work on the “HarvardConnection”.

James Franco invoice - 127 hours

An invoice for James Franco’s time and expenses while surviving in the Moab Desert.

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