Awkward Conversations: Guide for Small Business Owners [Free eBook]

Wish there was a guide on what to say when handling tough conversations with clients?

Remember that time when you had to talk about budgets with your first client or when you crafted an uncomfortable email to someone who hadn’t paid up?

As a small business owner wearing all the hats, it might feel like you’re constantly bracing yourself for the next awkward conversation (or email or text exchange) with a client or prospect.

Of course, you want to put your best face forward, be liked and act professional. But there are times when you need to assert yourself. And while tools like FreshBooks make it easy to automate some of those conversations with rinse-and-repeat templates, you still have to figure out WHAT to say.

Sounds exhausting. But it doesn’t have to be. We’ve created 38 templates to help you address all your most awkward conversations. From money talk (eek!) and communicating scope creep to cold pitching and asking for referrals, we’ve got your back on all levels of uncomfortable situations.

Ready to say goodbye to those hand-wringing moments of frustration and hello to a confident new you? Download the free eBook Awkward Conversations: Guide for Small Business Owners below.

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