Earth Day: It’s Easy to be Green with these FreshBooks Customers

Earth Day is a day to reflect on the difference you can make every day of the year. There are many FreshBooks customers already making that difference.

The first was celebrated in 1970. In the last 46 years, environmental movement has gained tremendous momentum. Of course, there’s always more work to be done. Both individually and collectively, at work and home, we all make decisions that impact the wellbeing of our environment and planet. Earth Day is more than just a single day to mark in the calendar. It’s a day to reflect on the difference you can make every day of the year.

There are many FreshBooks customers already making that difference. We pulled a quick report that identified a growing number of FreshBooks customers who categorize themselves as “green”, straddling everything from green home construction to eco weddings, environmental consulting to green publications. Today, for Earth Day, we want to spotlight just a few of that growing number.

1. Pure Green Magazine

Pure Green Magazine
Location: Ontario, Canada
About: Pure Green Magazine is an independent online journal and podcast dedicated to providing inspiration for a well-lived life. Sustainability and community are at the very core of their mandate, as is a love for style, simplicity and taking the long way ’round.
Pure Green is committed to delivering its environmental messages with beauty, creativity and a positive outlook that inspires and empowers individuals to take positive action. Their core belief is that small things add up to big change. And they invite and encourage their readers to believe in the power of one wholeheartedly.
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2. Eco-Office Gals

Location: Greenville, South Carolina, U.S.
About: Eco-Office Gals strives to help others build green and paperless businesses. Their site compiles information about websites and products that are safe and useful for our environment.
Eco-Office Gals services include Virtual Assistant services, WordPress development and green web hosting — all developed with the goal of helping small businesses become paperless by using various forms of electronic media and communication. When tangible products are a must, they also offer eco alternatives.
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3. Green Scoop

Green Scoop
Location: Columbus, Ohio, U.S.
About: Green Scoop was the first business in the U.S. to turn pet waste into energy (natural gas and electricity). As an environmentally friendly company, they process your cat and dog waste into a valuable product — leaving nothing for your landfill.
It’s very important to note that their process goes beyond mere backyard composting – do not try this at home! Composting dog and cat waste is a process that involves heating over 130 degrees, mixing a carbon source as in sawdust and waiting several months for the natural curing process. This process takes place in a licensed facility that abides by the regulations enforced for any animal waste composting facility. Green Scoop takes on the responsibility of composting dog and cat waste safely.
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4. All Women Recycling

All Women Recycling
Location: Cape Town, South Africa
About: All Women Recycling is a social and eco-entrepreneurial business based in Cape Town, South Africa. The organization is passionate about empowering women, while at the same time helping to save our planet one bottle at a time through an innovative approach to upcycling: All Women Recycling products are handmade from recycled plastic bottles by women.
In 2016, the organization expects to save a half million plastic soda bottles from entering landfills. Moreover, they are  building a value chain where women – and the community as a whole – benefits from from the success of this business.
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5. Authentic Energy Management Services

Authentic Energy Management Services (AEMS)
Location: Dublin, Ireland
About: Authentic Energy Management Services (AEMS) is an award-winning, independent energy advice and training provider located in Ireland. The company’s goal is to help customers identify energy savings opportunities using energy audits.
AEMS helps a broad range of clients, from bakeries to diamond factories and everything in between. Services include conducting energy audits to identify saving opportunities, training to help customers delivery energy savings, as well as program design and funding.
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6. Green Grads

Green Grads

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Location: Vancouver, Canada
About: In 2010, Green Grads launched with the vision to provide high quality window cleaning, gutter cleaning and pressure washing using processes that are as earth-friendly as possible.
Every grad from Green Grads’ extensive training program has not only learned the greenest, safest and best way to clean your windows and gutters, but also studied a multitude of ways to run a more earth-friendly household.
Their motto is that  “Great service is all we have” and it’s something Green Grads endeavours to show customers every day.
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We’d love to know how you’re doing to green your business in the comments below.

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