Can Mike and Stu Help You Today?

FreshBooks CEO, Mike McDerment and our new CMO, Stuart MacDonald, are about to spend the next 10 hours together in a car driving to Chicago and they want to talk to you about your business. You can literally ask them anything.

Why talk with them?

Both Mike and Stu are experienced business advisors and verterans of starting their own companes. Mike founded his own web agency and FreshBooks. At the web agency, Mike was able to find a way to only work 19 hours days a year on client work to then spend the rest of his time starting FreshBooks.

Stu is a mentor, investor, consultant and frequent speaker on things digital and entrepreneurial. He is also the veteran of several start-ups including starting in Toronto, one of Canada’s most successful tech companies. Stu went on to become the CMO of

How did this come about?

Mike and Stu need to be in Chicago tomorrow and looked into flights. However, the lowest price available was $1700 each! So they thought, why not jump in a car and talk to you about your business?

How do you get to talk with them?

If you would like to speak with them, please send an email my way . I’ll arrange a time for you. Times are available for Today (Oct.11) and Tomorrow (Oct. 12th). Please include what you would like to ask them about. Times will be served on a first come, first serve basis.

Update (Oct. 12, 2011, 4:52pm EST): All the available times have now been taken. Thanks to everyone that jumped on the phone with Mike & Stu!

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