Invoice like a pro: Advanced tips and tricks for using FreshBooks

We’ll let you in on a secret—there are a few tricks up our sleeve that will help you optimize your business and save you time. Try these advanced invoicing tips.

As a Support Specialist for FreshBooks over the last five years, I’ve received a lot of calls from customers wondering if there’s more to FreshBooks than what they see. It’s true, FreshBooks likes to keep it simple—with the goal of making running your business as easy as possible. But, we’ll let you in on a secret—there are a few tricks up our sleeve that will help you optimize your business and save you time. Here are my quick tips for advanced invoicing.

Sharing documents

Have a document that you need to share with your clients along with their invoices? You can paste a link from your documents storage solution (like DropBox) right into the description, terms, or the notes section of the invoice, and FreshBooks will automatically make it clickable.


Customers often call in and tell me that they invoice the same thing a lot of the time to multiple customers, and that re-creating an invoice multiple times is a pain. No worries—FreshBooks has a copy feature you can use. Just check the box to the left side of the invoice you want to copy, and click “Copy” on the grey bar above, and voila, a brand-spankin’ new invoice with the identical content, without all the hard work.

Recurring invoices

If you have a subscription-based business, or have long-term clients that you send invoices to on a schedule, you can set up recurring profiles. This will automatically send invoices for you. Think of how you learned to copy an invoice above – but this puts it on automatic pilot. You can easily set up a recurring invoice by going to “Invoices” -> “Recurring” -> “+ New Recurring”.

If you accept online payment with the right payment gateway, you can even set up Auto-Bill, which will allow you to automatically deduct from your clients’ credit card on file.

Some Helpful Links:
What Are Auto-Billing 

Schedule an invoice

Speaking of Recurring Profiles, did you know that you can use the same feature to help you schedule a one-time invoice as well? This is a handy trick for a future-dated invoice that you’re not ready to send just yet.

To schedule a one-time invoice, take the same steps as above to set up a Recurring Profile, but just remember to set the “How many” field to “1” when creating the new recurring profile. This will prompt FreshBooks to send out an invoice on the start date you’ve specified before automatically stopping itself. Set it and forget it!


Sure, archiving invoices could help with some organization, but there are a plethora of fields you can search for in FreshBooks that can help you identify certain invoices faster. Here are some examples of helpful searches.

1)   Unpaid invoices

You can search for unpaid invoices by selecting “Unpaid” in the “Paid/Unpaid” drop down box. This will show you all invoices on the list that are unpaid. You can even confine the search to within a specific date-ranges, or specific clients.

2)   Particular status of invoices

Want to see all the invoices that currently have a failed or retry status, or all the unviewed, sent invoices? Just select both statuses under the “Status” drop-down box to have FreshBooks display those invoices for you.

3)   Categorization of invoices

Some savvy customers of FreshBooks have known to insert a particular code either in the invoices’ “Notes visible to client” field, or in the description field of the items. You can use FreshBooks’ search function to then show all invoices that contain a particular code in the Notes or Description field.

Payment reminders

We all have clients that may need a little reminding of the due dates for their invoices. You can set up to three payment reminders under “Settings” -> “Emails” -> “Edit” the Late Payment Reminder.

FreshBooks will automatically send out reminders to your client, so you can say goodbye to spending time tracking down payments.

These are just a few of the tips and tricks that you can use to help maximize your use of FreshBooks to save time. As always, if you have any questions or concerns, you can reach our helpful support team here:, or select invoice templates from our free downloadable gallery. These templates are customized to your industry and liking, so check it out today.

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FreshBooks is the #1 accounting software in the cloud designed to make billing painless for small businesses and their teams. Today, over 10 million small businesses use FreshBooks to effortlessly send professional looking invoices, organize expenses and track their billable time.

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