Admiring our customers is so easy

At FreshBooks we get to spend a lot of time admiring how thoughtful and talented our customers are. Case in point happened just the other day while sorting through email replies to our recent newsletter. I noticed that someone had set this message as their “out-of-office” auto-reply:

“I am currently trying to win the “Best Dad of the Year” award by taking my family on a ski trip to Austria. I will be in limited email . If this is urgent, please resend your request to my colleague Matt …”

Well heck, how lovely is that?! Skiing in Austria?? We all thought that he deserved to win the award he is trying for and had Etsy seller send him a fine certificate. Congrats Pat for being a very generous Dad and treating your family to such a great adventure!

*this moment was not filmed in front of a live studio audience but if it had been, there would be wild, dramatic applause for Pat’s thoughtfulness*

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