ReFresh: The October 06 Edition

October 13, 2006

Today is the second in a series dedicated those crazy people who don’t spend every waking moment reading our blog.  Last edition, I gave you a review of five great blog posts that were useful for small business.  This week I am going to list five great blog posts that are useful for web designers and web developers.

Don’t Split Your PageRank
“When someone links to your website, you do not always have control over the URL they choose to use.  They could include the “www” or not. Because of this inconsistency you could be splitting the number of inbound links to your website thus splitting your PageRank. The key is to be consistent and consolidate to one URL.”

Good Web Design is Not Guesswork
“I want to tell you about a process you can use to design your pages.  Your users will benefit from the time you invest in page layout, and so will you because it will reduce the number of changes you need to make later to get a page right.  Also, your site will be more successful so your client will want to invest in additions and that means more revenue for you.”

On Design: We Thought it Would Help
“We track how many people look at our subscribe page, and how many people then go on to sign-up. In this case, over 2% FEWER people are signing up now… I can select date intervals in my web analytics for before and after the change, and draw meaningful conclusions.  If you maintain a website and making periodic changes, keep a change log. It’s worth the effort.”

Two Must Haves for Business Websites
“Trust is a huge factor if you want people to interact with you online. By not helping people learn more about your organization, or by making it hard to reach you, you are fostering mistrust – and it will cost you.”

On Design: What Does Red Mean?
“To confirm a message when you are building web apps, use a happy colour like green and reinforce good behaviour and build trust. Doing this also lets you save red for when you need it … to alert and alarm your users when they have done something, or are about to do something, they need to be aware of.”

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